Thursday, April 5, 2012


It has been a busy month for me, I started a new job and I'm loving it.   My mother was scheduled for surgery last month but it was postponed until today, so all her appointments have kept me hoppin'.

I've also been working on organizing my scrapbooking area (it is actually my front room - I share it with the family PC - our furniture is in our family room).    As soon as I am finished I will post before and after pictures (be warned the before pictures look like a tornado hit the room!

And I've been working on my flower beds outside, it has been a very warm spring and everyting is coming up about 5 weeks early this year.   But I'm not complaining, this is the first year in 6 years that I will have flowers so I'm really exicted to clear out my flower beds and plant plant and plant some more.  At my last house in MT, we had 6 deer that lived in our back yard, great to look at but the only flowers we could get to survive were plastic ones.    So I'm really excited to be back in Iowa and be able to have real flowers again.   My yard has not been cared for since we left (we were paying for lawn service but according to the neighbors no one actully did anyting), so we have a lot a weeds in the grass, and a lot of grass and weeds in the flower beds.   Maybe I will post some pictures of the beds after I get them cleaned up and planted.

I hope to post some projects that I have been working on this weekend, so check back in a few days...until then...have a great day!

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