Friday, March 11, 2016

Revisit old information

You should go back and revisit old information, for example I have a copy of my grandmother's birth certificate.  

For years I have known that her parents had named her after her grandmother and then for some unknown reason decided after the grandmother had died to change her name.    They started calling her by her "new" name around the time she was three years old, it was only when my grandmother had to get a passport after marrying my grandfather (he was career Army) that she learned that she was born with a different name.  

Her father had to go to court and swear in front of a Judge that they had changed her name without going to court to do so.   Today I looked at the birth certificate again and noticed that she did not have a middle name - I had always heard that her birth name was "Annie Laura" when in fact it was simply "Annie".  

I also noticed that both her parents were listed as residence of Denver Colorado, however she was born in El Paso, Texas.   Now I knew that my great grandparents actually hopped back and forth between Denver and El Paso, however until I took a look at this birth certificate again did I notice that at the time of my grandmother's birth they actually were living in Denver at the time.   Time to go and update some records.

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