Monday, April 26, 2010

Organizing Ribbons

I was checking out various scrapbooking rooms on YouTube and saw where several people who wrapped their ribbons around old-fashioned clothes pins.    Each person had a different way of storing them, some in a drawer, others in boxes.   I was shopping at WalMart and saw these great glass jars, so I picked up a few and went in search for the clothes pins.    Six stores later I found one store that carries these types of clothes pins, and here are my results.    I actually am going to go back and pick up more of these jars to seperate out the colors.

I then took the jars that I was using for my ribbons and put more prima flowers into them, I actually plan to take the majority of my scrap paper and make various size and types of paper flowers seperating them by color in these jars.

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